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It costs 1 NXT to place an order (buy or sell) for any amount of assets.
Clearing a trade takes up to 60 seconds, as Nxt has 1 minute block times.

The transaction fees go to forgers on the network.
All Nxt transactions must be forged to get included into a block on the blockchain and to be secured.


Some asset issuers pay dividends to their investors. Those dividends arrive automatically in your Nxt account.
Dividends can be paid in NXT, ARDR, or superBTC (an asset representing Bitcoin 1:1) - or in any other asset which exists on the Nxt network.

Other exchanges

As well as trading on the Nxt AE against NXT, some assets can also be traded against BTC on centralised exchanges, and some can even be bought with fiat money. Nxt assets are also often listed on CoinMarketCap.com, and some gain significant market cap.

Globally traded assets

With the release of Ardor in late 2017 (Q3/Q4) many assets are expected to be moved to an Ardor child chain. These Nxt assets will be swapped for assets on that child chain and then be tradable against all child chain tokens in the Ardor system, including crypto EUR, USD and BTC pegged chains.

Caveat emptor!

Make sure to read our AE guideline before investing in anything.

Nxter Magazine publishes an AE market report to its readers, runs an article series and rates assets, to help avoid scams.

The bottom line: research, research and research. Ultimately, the responsibility to check out an asset, its issuer and business plan, before buying into it, is yours. Never invest more than you can afford to lose.

Using the AE to raise money

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